Texas-based BattleCry Studios has become part of game developer and publisher Bethesda. The only BattleCry Studios project was the BattleCry team action, which was canceled at the development stage.

Bethesda reported that BattleCry Studios has already been renamed Bethesda Game Studios Austin. It is not yet known what exactly the studio staff will work on.

Bethesda Game Studios Austin became the third branch of the company. The other two offices are located in Montreal and Maryland.

BattleCry Studio was founded in 2012. BattleCry Studios and Bethesda have one owner — the media company ZeniMax Media.

The debut game of Battlecry Studios was supposed to be a team shooter of the same name in the setting of an alternative World War I. BattleCry was first presented at the E3 exhibition in 2014.

Bulgarian artist Viktor Antonov, who created the visual design for Half Life 2 and Dishonored, worked on the artistic style of the game.

Bethesda planned to publish BattleCry, but instead canceled the project due to its poor quality.

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Source: PC Games Insider