Facebook has added augmented reality games to its messenger for the first time, which can be played in a video chat.

While there are two such games in the messenger, both are made using the AR Studio service, which is owned by the social network. They can be played in groups of up to six people.

In the first game, Don’t Smile, players compete to see who can last longer without a smile. In the second, Asteroids Attack, the user controls a spaceship with his nose and tries to avoid a collision with asteroids.Картинки по запросу asteroids attack facebook

Two more AR titles, Beach Bump and Kitten Kraze, will be released soon. In addition to them, several more augmented reality games are being prepared for release, which do not have titles yet.

Facebook Instagram projects developed at AR Studio will soon be available not only in the Facebook messenger, but also in Instagram.

Recall that several small AR games are already available in the Snapchat messenger. These games use video from the front camera. Now the messenger is developing its own gaming platform.

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