Starting today in Russia, you can buy iPhone, iPad and other apple products directly from Apple. How will this affect the Russian market?

Many associated Apple’s arrival in Russia with a sharp drop in the cost of their devices on the official market. That didn’t happen. For such changes, it was necessary to look not in the direction of Cupertino, but in the direction of Moscow, which set VAT at 18%. So it is still much more profitable to purchase the company’s goods from “gray” suppliers. 

The question of reliability and warranty, however, in the latter case, is called into question, but, in our opinion, this has never stopped domestic buyers. And it is unlikely to stop in the future. 

So if we talk about sales, the appearance of the official Apple online store is unlikely to be a significant catalyst for the growth of iOS and Mac segments in the Russian market. This requires the emergence of an entire distribution network, as well as, do not laugh, the release of a budget iPhone that can compete with Android devices of the average price category and not be considered something outdated (as happened with the iPhone 4).

But the very step taken by Apple is very important. He demonstrates that the Russian market, with all its shortcomings and difficulties, is of great interest, it is growing and developing, and brings a lot of money. And this is the main thing, it allows you to look into the future, let’s say, with restrained optimism.

Prices in the Apple online store:iPhone 5 – from 29,990 rubles.

  • iPhone 4S – from 24,990 rubles.
  • iPad 4 – from 18,990 rubles.
  • iPad mini – from 12,990 rubles.