This year ‘s edition for the first time, it holds its own award. It’s called Awards 2021 and celebrates achievements in the Russian-speaking gaming industry for the current year. The award is held as part of the annual cycle “Results of the Year“.

The Russian-speaking gaming industry lacks a large award, the purpose of which would be to draw attention to the successes of domestic products and companies on an annual basis, to reward them. This place is designed to take Awards.

The award is held in five nominations. They have been compiled to cover a wide range of gaming businesses. The focus should have been not only on the games themselves, but also on the companies that deal with them and who invest in them.

The nominations are as follows:

  • mobile game of the year;
  • desktop game of the year;
  • developer of the year;
  • investor of the year;
  • HR brand of the year.

As part of the launch of the award, the nominees were chosen by the editorial board. Next year, most likely, it will be proposed to apply for participation.

The voting itself takes place as part of the “Results of the Year” cycle. Recall, the results are an annual series of materials , in which the editorial board of the publication interviews experts and top managers of the gaming industry (as well as related ones) about how the year has passed for their companies.

In 2021, we continue this tradition with a small innovation. Now the speakers not only answer questions, but also choose the main thing in the Russian-language game dev (right now the editors are just sending out questions to the speakers).

More information about the award and its nominees can be found on the website Awards 2021.