With a decent delay, we are publishing the App Annie report on the global mobile games market for the remaining July somewhere far behind.


Recall that every month the App Annie marketing company (which we affectionately call “Red-haired Anya” in the editorial office) prepares an extensive report on the most significant gaming events on the App Store and Google Play.

Leading companiesHere, as in the top applications, it all depends on who you consider the main shaker: the one who managed to distribute the largest number of copies, or the one who collected the most money.

If you look at the downloads, then the July top has changed significantly. It included Glu, which immediately jumped to third place, shooting two hits, and LINE. 

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As for the cash register, then we fully expect the arrival of the Japanese Mixi in the top ten, shearing coupons for Monster Strike. Also, the Korean Gamevil finally got into the top ten, for which, probably, the dark streak has finally ended. 

July HitsThe main blockbuster of the summer is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which “with one hand” made Glu the first number among game publishers by downloads on the App Store in July, and at the same time brought it into the top ten box office publishers.

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The most incredible thing, according to App Annie, however, is not this, but the fact that the game has 68 thousand reviews in just one month (and more than 50 thousand of them are five stars) . This is more than the top ten new products of July combined!

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But not only thanks to sis… the beautiful eyes of Kardashian Glu are worthy of mention. In second place in terms of the number of worldwide downloads on iOS is another Glu project, namely Dino Hunter, which is an excellent example of smart self-copying.

Speaking of hits, it is impossible not to mention one curious thing… let’s just say observation. Now LINE, in theory, is capable of bringing products to the cash tops not only in Asia, but also in the world. The fact that Disney Tsum Tsum got into the world top ten in terms of revenue for July proves it. But, it is clear that it was not without the intervention of Disney. 

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Throughout July, Transformers: Age of Extinction also behaved perfectly, which instantly entered the top 5 in downloads in the United States, but here you need to understand that the game’s place in the rating directly correlates with the beginning of the screening of the film of the same name on June 27. Plus, the project was helped by a feature on Google Play.

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More about shakersClash of Clans has been storming the market for a long time, but it is noteworthy that now it is causing a stir in the Japanese box office top, in which it took 6th place in July.

This, by the way, is connected with the fact that SoftBank has concentrated in its hands all 51% of the shares of Supercell, which were previously divided between it and its subsidiary GungHo.

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Timberman in July was another viral bomb that managed to beat even Kim Kardashian in downloads for a while.

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Bubble Witch 2 Saga also continues to show excellent results. Among others, App Annie also noted Zynga’s Jenga, which stayed at the top of the iPhone App Store download top for several days in the USA.

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A source: http://blog.appannie.com