Representatives of several leading Russian and foreign companies have announced the creation of an association that will develop the gaming industry in Russia.


The association is called the Gaming Industry Expert Council (ECII). The Council now sets itself seven tasks:

  • positioning of the Russian gaming industry on the global market as a successful industry where high-quality world-class products are created;
  • improving the quality of Russian games by investing in new technologies;
  • improving the level of professional competence through master classes, seminars, conferences;
  • exchange of experience, involvement of foreign experts in the creation of AAA projects, return to Russia of previously departed professionals;
  • legal, mentoring, financial assistance to novice developers;
  • creating a comfortable ecosystem for developers to work in Russia;
  • development of professional esports.

There are seven members of the council so far. These are Anton Yudintsev (co-founder of Gaijin Entertainment), Ilya Karpinsky (deputy head of the gaming direction Mail.Ru Group), Sergey Babaev (Vice President of Strategy at Nekki), Sergey Orlovsky (President of Nival), Alexey Krainov (Head of Riot Games CIS), Vyacheslav Makarov (Head of R&D division of Wargaming) and Leonid Sirotin (independent developer, partner ).

Сергей Бабаев

Sergey Babaev
“Now the council consists of initiators, those people who have recently been not indifferent to how the industry is developing, what difficulties it faces,” he commented creation of the association Sergey Babaev.

– “We constantly communicated and when we realized that a very interesting diverse team was being formed from this communication, we decided to formalize this “society” in line with a formalized structure, which we called the Expert Council.”


Ilya Karpinsky
Another reason for launching the association is another member of the council, Ilya Karpinsky, who calls the need to “correctly convey information” about the industry in conditions of its high rates of development.

In the future, the number of council members will increase. Already now ESII is ready to accept new participants.

“The only rule [at admission] is that current participants must vote for a new potential member of the ECIA. At the same time, there are people whom we want to invite ourselves and we will definitely do it in the near future,” Babayev said.

In addition to the members of the council, the association will include advisers.

“The advisors are experts from related industries who became interested in our line of business and offered their help. Such an adviser on legal and GR issues, for example, has now become Oleg Pavlov, a consultant of the business association in the consumer market, who knows how to apply his experience and to help our council. Later, I expect that advisors may appear in completely different areas. The system of working with different niche topics implies the opening of temporary working groups with the involvement of experts on the issue,” Babayev explained.

Details of the council’s activities can be found on its official page.