Counting clones of Clash of Clans is pointless now. They come out on mobile markets almost every day. However, it makes sense to take a closer look at some of them.

One of such projects is The Roar Towards Freedom, which is being created by Mobage. The game is released under IP, known in the West as Attack on Titan. The latter is a manga that is now very popular in Japan. It has already been used to shoot anime and make four video games. The fifth, apparently, will be The Roar Towards Freedom.

If you don’t know about the setting itself, the project is unlikely to arouse interest. Budget graphics, even by the standards of Mobage, scary monsters and surprisingly decent anime art of game characters.

The whole point of mobile Attack on Titan is that the universe invented by Hajime Isayama fits perfectly into the mechanics of Clash of Clans. According to the manga, people hide from titans hunting them behind giant walls. Its plot constantly revolves around the attacks of giants on a human city, how monsters destroy walls and fight with its defenders.

In this aspect, the announcement of the Clash of Clans clone based on Attack on Titan looks very beautiful, albeit somewhat belated.

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