Game content is becoming commonplace for the Netflix audience. Video games have entered the top 3 sources of inspiration for the creators of the streaming giant’s series.

This is the conclusion reached by the research company Ampere Analysis, which analyzed the upcoming releases of Netflix. According to her, game franchises attract the streaming giant with fresh storylines and an already assembled fan base.

Ultimately, it will bring new subscribers to Netflix.

Game adaptations account for 7.59% of the upcoming series. Netflix pays more attention to books (63.29%) and comics (15.19%) so far.

The situation with movies looks similar. As of today, 5.45% of the expected film adaptations are related to games. They are ahead of cinema in books (69.09%), theatrical performances (14.55%) and comics (9.09%).

Netflix has had the opportunity to adapt game plots before. Among the most famous projects of the platform are The Witcher and Castlevania. The release of the series on Resident Evil, Splinter Cell and the film on Beyond Good & Evil is not far off.

High Score, a six-episode documentary series about the “golden age” of the gaming industry and classic video games, also premiered on Netflix today.

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