In March-April, the team of the App Promo marketing agency conducted a survey covering more than 365 developers from around the world. During it, the flip side of the mobile industry, one of the most dynamically developing markets in the world, was revealed. 

81% of respondents said they would not abandon their application. It’s funny, but the same number of respondents noted that their application currently does not earn enough to develop a separate business (68% said that since the release of their application earned $ 1,000 or less). 

Analysts attribute their optimism to the fact that developers in the mobile market begin to receive real money only in the third year of their presence on the market. However, there is one point here that many optimists, apparently, did not take into account. Of those cash projects that have earned more than $500,000 since the release, most spend at least $1,000 per month on marketing. In other words, the optimism of many developers is groundless if it is based only on the belief in sudden success.

According to App Promo data, 29% of developers do not promote their applications in any way at all. Of those who are still doing this – 12% said that their campaign lasted no more than a week, another 12% said that they are constantly engaged in advertising their application. 

About one third of developers do not use social networks for promotion (the question from App2Top is why do they develop applications at all?). For those who do resort to it, the main channels of promotion are Facebook and Twitter. But Pinterest and Tumblr are almost not involved.

That is, in general, the situation is strange. There is a lot of optimism in the market, but it seems that not everyone knows exactly how the market functions.

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