HTML5 is still believed in. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain investing a substantial amount in Ludei, known mainly for its HTML5 developments: the CocoonJS platform, the Cloud Compiler service and the CAAT engine.

The main investor was the venture funds Kibo Ventures and Vitamina K. The Spanish-American startup is going to spend their money on increasing the team of programmers to meet the increased demand for their products. In total, about $4.5 million has been invested in the company so far.

Why did they invest in them?

They have interesting products that work closely together to increase the performance of HTML5 games. But, as we have already written, the main problem of the engine is that it compiles in the cloud, and not directly on the developer’s machine.

On the other hand, WebGL support, and at the same time the ability to immediately launch your application on iOS, Android, as well as Tizen and Firefox OS, to put it mildly, attract. So about 6000 teams have already resorted to the company’s solutions.

However, large and complex projects (and even more three-dimensional), released with the help of Ludei, are not yet visible. Only simple arcade games and puzzles.