The day of loud announcements continues. And thanks should be said to Samsung, which has made a lot of fuss for this, having gathered a whole galaxy of gaming celebrities around its Gear VR project, one of which, of course, is Ustwo, who created Monument Valley.


The project they are preparing for Gear VR is called Land’s End. There is very little information on it at the moment. The developers themselves promise “a surreal adventure through the archipelago of forgotten worlds.” It’s beautiful, but very vague. However, the first art / screen (?) from the game, which can be found on the official project page, is very pleasing. The visual style familiar from Monument Valley is immediately recognized. The color palette also suggests that the novelty will not go so far from the previous hit Ustwo. 

Monument Valley was able to earn only the first month of sales – $2 million.

A source: is a company mainly engaged in the manufacture of “custom-made” applications.

Founded in 2004. Its headquarters are in London. There are offices in New York and Malmo. The company employs about 187 people.