Not all gamers reacted positively to the news about the partnership between Microsoft and Hideo Kojima. Some PlayStation fans don‘t want to see a new game by a Japanese game designer on Xbox. They even called his actions “betrayal.” Now users have created a petition demanding to cancel a possible cloud project.The corresponding petition appeared on the website , which drew the attention of users of gaming forums.

“Kojima betrayed his loyal fans. He is blinded by greed. We have to help him get back on the winning side,” the description reads. At the moment, less than 900 people have signed the petition.

The author also claims that not everyone has a good Internet for cloud gaming or enough money to buy another console or assemble a PC.

A possible partnership between Microsoft and Kojima became known last week. As part of a potential deal, Kojima Productions may develop some episodic horror using Xbox cloud technologies.

Both sides have not yet commented on these reports and have not confirmed plans to release such a project. Even if the game comes out, its exclusivity is unlikely to be affected by a fan petition. The absurdity of the requirements themselves was pointed out by many in the comments on . “I will sign this petition just because it is just ridiculous,” one user wrote.