The audience of the Hitman Sniper mobile shooter has reached 10 million people. According to this indicator, the title can be considered the most popular game in the famous “killer” franchise.

At the time of the release of Hitman Sniper on iOS and Android in 2015, the total sales of all games in the franchise from 2000 to 2015 totaled 15 million copies.

In the near future, the audience of Hitman Sniper will grow even more. The authors of the game in the Square Enix Montreal studio for the first time made the game free to download, timed the campaign to overcome the milestone of 10 million players. The offer will be active until April 4.

Note that since 2017, the Hitman franchise has ceased to belong to Square Enix. Its creators, represented by IO Interactive studio, left the Japanese giant and became an independent company.

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Source: Game Industry