The Fortnite MMO project of Epic Games has taken another peak in the pursuit of world fame and popularity. The online action movie has outstripped the legendary Minecraft sandbox in terms of the number of Google searches.

The gaming publication Toucharcade drew attention to the growing popularity of Fortnite, supporting its conclusions with data from the Google Trends service. It shows how often a certain term is searched in relation to the total volume of search queries in different regions of the world and in different languages.

Forntite and Minecraft search queries for the last 90 days, Google Trends
Fortnite was the first to temporarily bypass Minecraft at the end of January of this 2017, and in February the Epic Games game finally turned into a more significant information trend than the famous Mojang and Microsoft virtual constructor.

Toucharcade suggests that Fortnite has not yet reached its peak of fame, and the hype around the game will continue to grow.

The popularity and attention of the audience turns Fortnite from an ordinary game project into a cultural phenomenon. This allows the game to become even more famous as celebrities and other celebrities join it.

For example, the broadcast of Fortnite gameplay with the famous hip-hop artist Drake on March 15 set a record for the number of viewers on the largest streaming platform Twitch, attracting more than 600 thousand people. Twitch and Epic Games assure that they did not pay Drake for the Fortnite game and its public online broadcast.

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