Recently, more and more major players in the market of console projects have been releasing mobile companion applications for their large titles. There is no need to go far for examples, most recently we wrote about the Destiny Companion App from Bungie. Amazon decided to go in a similar way.


Recall that in April of this year, the American retail company launched its own set-top box – Fire TV, which, to be honest, is closer in functionality to Apple TV than Xbox. In order to make the new platform, which, by the way, is based on Android, more attractive to customers, Amazon has announced the development of exclusives for it. One of them was the Sev Zero shooter, reminiscent of Halo.


Just for him, Amazon recently released a companion application for iOS – Sev Zero: Air Support, which allows you to provide tactical support to users playing the game on Fire TV.

However, we don’t quite understand the value of this application on iOS (and on Google Play, where it can also be found). Any ideas?

A source: http://techcrunch.comAmazon is the largest online retailer in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

They entered the electronics market in 2007, successfully releasing the Amazon Kindle reader. Four years later (in 2011) They launched their own Amazon Appstore and Kindle Fire tablet, built on a heavily modified Android. To date, the line of tablets under this brand is considered the most popular Android tablet in the United States.