Said “A”, say “B”. Or, if we draw a parallel with the mobile industry: I told you about the App Store, don’t forget about Google Play. So, all the latest information on changes in the free, paid and cash tops of Google Play USA.  

Free top

We are witnessing an amazing picture here: out of 10 projects present in the top, 4 were released by British King. And, please note, this is without any advertising inside the projects themselves (King some time ago refused to use any kind of advertising in their applications). Another thing is that the company probably buys a lot of traffic now (so much that others may not have enough). Plus, we want to mention the domestic Dragons World. She is in fourth place in downloads.

Paid top

There are two interesting points here: the presence in the chart of two adaptations of board games (THE GAME OF LIFE from EA and MONOPOLY from it), as well as relatively expensive Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which, by the way, does not differ on Android with good ratings (4.3 stars)

Cash top

There are only two King games here so far (Candy Crush Saga on the first, Pet Rescue Saga on the third), but it is moving to the top with great speed Farm Heroes Saga (she jumped 227 positions up in a week, exactly 14th place). Also, a three- dimensional clone of Clash of Clans – Castle Clash from Singapore is slowly moving to the top of the top IGG.COM .

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