The event is called WN Winter’21. The days of its holding are from February 8 to 12. Among the participating companies: EA, Wargaming, SEGA, Ubisoft and many others.

There are both free and paid tickets. Free of charge, conference guests will be able to listen to lectures online and visit the exhibition area.

Paid tickets open up options such as the ability to communicate with other participants of the event, speakers in private chats and make personal appointments.

WN Winter’21 is already the fourth big WN online conference (also known as White Nights).

As Yulia Lebedeva, the head of the organizing committee of WN Media Group, noted in an interview with us, the event now takes place in seasons. Each event focuses on different macro markets.

WN Winter is for Europe, WN Spring is for Asia, WN Summer, historically, is for the CIS, and WN Fall is for North America,” Lebedeva revealed.

The current European session will run in one stream for five days. Each of the five days of the conference is a new virtual location, a new European city:

  • February 8 — London (United Kingdom);
  • February 9 — Berlin (Germany);
  • February 10 — Dublin (Ireland);
  • February 11 — Helsinki (Finland);
  • February 12 — Istanbul (Turkey).

During these days, viewers will be introduced to the regional market, which owns the city, leading local companies and the community of game developers.

In addition to the above, among the speakers are: AppsFlyer, myTracker, Facebook, Nutaku, Snap and Unity. The full list of guests will be known a little later, when the program of the event appears.

The event will be held on the WN Hub platform. The meeting system will be launched on January 26.