In games created on Unity, it will be possible to earn cryptocurrency. This opportunity appeared thanks to the cooperation of Unity Technologies with Kik, which launched its Kin cryptocurrency. Developers of titles on Unity will be able to assign Kin tokens as a prize for passing game tests.

Kik earned about $100 million on the ICO in September last year. The company also created the Kin ecosystem fund, which has now developed a devkit that allows, among other things, integrating cryptocurrency into games.

Kik Executive Vice President Danny Fishel sees it this way: Kik awards the authors of the game a certain number of Kin tokens, and they give them to the players as a reward for actions that help the ecosystem of the game. Players can spend the earned tokens both in the game itself and outside of it.

The Kin Rewards Engine will distribute Kin tokens among developers. Kik plans to launch it when it has enough partners. The amount of cryptocurrency issued per day depends on the contribution of each of the developers to the ecosystem.

The Kin Gaming SDK will be available in the Unity Asset Store, and its source code will be publicly available on GitHub. The exact date of the launch of the new features has not yet been announced.

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