The analytical company GameRefinery summed up the results of the second quarter and told about the main mobile genres and publishers in the USA, Japan and China. For example, American gamers like to play puzzles and give a lot of money to Roblox — it accounts for over 5% of the country’s gaming revenue.

Important: analysts took into account earnings only in the App Store.


  • Jigsaw Puzzles is the leader in mobile checkout in the states. In the second quarter of 2021, they were responsible for 21.18% of total revenue. But their popularity is falling. Back in the last quarter, puzzles accounted for 22.7% of revenue.
  • The strategy genre, on the contrary, has strengthened over the quarter. It increased by 1.7% to 17.17% and ranked third in terms of revenue in the American App Store.
  • In Japan, RPGs ranked first, accounting for 44.2% of revenue. For comparison, the nearest competitor — sports games — has a share of only 15.9%. Nevertheless, the genre’s indicators sank by almost 5% in the quarter.
  • Gamers from China also left the most money in RPG titles, which collected about half of the total revenue of mobile games – 47.3%. Unlike Japan, in China this genre grew by 2% during the reporting period. Strategies (+1.8%), simulators (0.33%) and casinos (+0.05%) have also grown in the country. Other genres have dropped. Shooters are the strongest (-2.7%).


  • Roblox dropped slightly in revenue in the US, but remained the leader. In the second quarter, the company reached 5.04% of the market — 0.48% less than a quarter ago.
  • But Supercell performed well, which increased 1.46% compared to the last quarter. No other publisher in the US has managed to grow so much in the same time. In total, it has 4.35% of the revenue of the American market.
  • The Japanese market was dominated by Cygames, which owned 9.25% of revenue. It also became the fastest-growing publisher in the quarter, up 3.5%. It was followed by KONAMI (7.34%) and SQUARE ENIX (6.28%) in terms of market share.
  • Tencent is China’s most moneyed publisher. During the reporting period, the Chinese giant collected 39.45% of the country’s iOS revenue. Nevertheless, this is 2.8% less than in the first quarter. NetEase, the company’s closest competitor, accounted for 15% (-1.21%). Leiting was the fastest growing publisher (+2% to 4.3%).