Service Team Checkaso analyzed how effectively popular mobile projects attract organic traffic in different countries. Among the selected games are Among Us, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Shortcut Run and others.Checkaso took the most popular mobile games of 2020 as the basis of its research (according to Sensor Tower).

The analysis itself was carried out based on the Performance Index.

PI is a Checkaso metric that determines the effectiveness of attracting organic traffic. It takes into account the quality of the optimization of the application, its ranking by keywords and visibility in the app store.

Top most popular games from Google Play (table)Conclusions

Checkaso found that Shortcut Run and Stacky Dash have poor indexing in Ecuador.

This is a country with a small population, and therefore there are not many iOS users there either. In addition, games mostly have branded and advertising traffic, as evidenced by the lack of text optimization. There is no subtitle or keys in the title.

A similar situation has developed with Roof Rails. Hence the low Performance Index. However, hyper-casual games usually have a different approach to promotion. At first, the whole focus is on advertising – organic comes after the game becomes recognizable. However, we are talking mainly about brand requests and traffic from the top of the category.

Top most popular games from the App Store (table)Among Us has the opposite situation.

For example, in the App Store, the game has high Performance Index indicators for most countries. This is mainly due to good indexing for a large number of queries and a large influx of traffic from the Browse/Explore channel — including recommendations from similar applications.

League of Legends: Wild Rift, on the contrary, has low Performance Index indicators in almost all locales. This is due to the fact that the game also relies on brand traffic and external sources: active promotion through bloggers, YouTube and advertising placements. There is very little non-branded organic.

Based on the results of the study, Checkaso identified three main reasons for the low Performance Index:

  • The application’s low positions on key queries, which is why the application does not receive organic installations from the search. In this case, you should work on text optimization and the effectiveness of external advertising campaigns.Weak traffic from the Browse/Explore channel.
  • It’s about ranking in categories and lists of similar apps, as well as impressions in store collections. To improve the situation, it is necessary to scale the marketing and ASO strategy.The application page may not be optimized enough.
  • It also signals that it is worth taking ASO more seriously.