In July, WN Media Group launches a new educational service. It's called the WN Academy. This is a marketplace of courses, webinars and training programs for gaming professionals. At the start, the service will offer a course by Evgeny Sudak.

About the service

WN Academy is a platform where game development experts will be able to publish, conduct and sell their own courses.

According to the authors of the service, it should not be confused with numerous educational platforms. The Academy's work is based on completely different principles. Conceptually, it is closer to Udemy and classic asset stores.

"Modern digital schools hire experts to create specific courses. We, in turn, offer experts to prepare author's programs and sell them with us," says project manager Magdalena Stryjewski.

"Experts are the owners of their own courses, independently determine the format, submission and even the price. Our task, in turn, is to help them bring their experience and expertise to the game dev community," she adds.

It is assumed that over time, the WN Academy will become a universal platform where you can find courses in a variety of areas — from the basics of game design and programming to promotion in stores and testing.

The Academy will be implemented within the framework of the WN Hub communication platform.

About the first year

At the release, the course "Ethical Management" from Evgeny Sudak, who was previously responsible for monetization at Wargaming Seattle and game design at Pixonic, will be available on the marketplace.

The course focuses on both eco-friendly and non-environmental management practices. Using the example of more than a dozen cases, it will be analyzed how not to build relationships and work with a team. There will also be tips and instructions on how to work with the team.

The main target audience of the program is specialists who already have applied management skills. However, the course is also suitable for those who are just going to grow into a leader," shares Evgeny.

In total, the course will consist of 18 classes for two hours twice a week. The official launch is tentatively scheduled for July 12. The promo code for a 20% discount is WNACADEMY, you can use it here.