The educational project WN Academy has launched a new initiative — WN Academy Business. It aims to solve specific business challenges for gaming companies by improving personnel qualifications.

“Gaming companies will be able to order customized corporate training from us in a format and pace that suits them,” says WN Academy manager Magdalena Stryevski, commenting on the launch of the initiative.

The USPs of the initiative include:

  • creating an individualized training plan for each company based on its needs;
  • delivering a turnkey course (WN Academy handles all the organizational tasks);
  • selecting suitable speakers and training formats depending on the set objectives.

“But our main USP,” Stryevski adds, “is our deep understanding of the field, experience working with various teams in game development, and a rich pool of speakers on many topics, who aren’t just theorists but work in gaming companies around the world and actively engage in what they talk about and teach every day.”

WN Academy is also actively organizing summer intensives in both online and offline formats. Additionally, they can execute any idea — from conducting a one-time course for line specialists to organizing a yacht trip for top management after a strategic session.