Today, on June 3, at 13.00 Moscow time, a new broadcast will take place on the WN Hub. This time it is dedicated to hyper-casual games. Developers, publishers and marketers will discuss the future of the niche, as well as discuss how the COVID-19 situation has affected hyper-casual games.

Participants of the round table:

  • Carole Wai Hai is the head of Tenjin's data research and analytics department (this is a startup for tracking the effectiveness and analysis of advertising campaigns);
  • John Hook — Vice President of publishing at BoomBit (Polish publisher, previously specialized in midcore, now deals with hypercausals);
  • Paul West is the founder of Fumb Games (a London-based indie studio specializing in mobile idle projects);
  • Pawel Pawlak is the Purchasing Director of AdColony (a major player in the mobile advertising market).

As part of the discussion, Tenjin will share data on how hyper-casual games changed in China and the United States in the period from December 2019 to April 2020:

  • download rates;
  • CPI;
  • eCPM;
  • retention;
  • advertising revenue.

The speakers will also share their own impressions and predict the further development of the market in the foreseeable future.

You can join the discussion at 13.00 at this link (just before that, do not forget to register on the site, you can do it in a couple of clicks here) or on the Twitch channel of the platform. The round table will be held in English.

The video starts at 30 minutes

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