Wanted: producer at Skytec Games, DevOps specialist for VALUES VALUE and lead programmer at Kraft.

The summer job search season ends with a traditional selection of the most interesting vacancies over the past week. The material was prepared for App2Top by Alina Mudraya, Head of Recruitment at VALUES VALUE. A list of all open vacancies is available here.

Alina the WiseProducer vacancy of the week:

Producer | Lead Game Designer, Skytec Games (Novosibirsk)

The developer of midcore games, Skytec Games, is looking for a leading game designer. He will develop game concepts and work out game mechanics, work on game balance, economics and monetization, as well as come up with new content, promotions and mass events.

The company offers a high salary – up to 200,000 rubles, flexible working hours and interesting work. He will be working in an office in Novosibirsk.


  • experience as a game designer or producer for at least 3 years on midcore games (RPG, Action, CCG, Strategy, i.e. not Match-3 and not gambling);
  • work experience in commercially successful projects is mandatory;
  • deep understanding of free-play monetization in mobile games;
  • higher education, good mathematical base;
  • rich gaming experience on mobile phones and on PC, from fresh releases to “classics”.

Additional advantages will be:

  • experience as a producer /lead game designer in major game studios, such as: Game Insight, Plarium, Nival, Kefir and others.

DevOps-vacancy of the week:

Senior DevOps, VALUES VALUE (Minsk)

VALUES VALUE helps gaming companies to hunt individual specialists and hire entire teams, set up HR, PR and recruiting processes. The company is looking for an experienced DevOps specialist for one of its clients.

The hiring team is already known for several successful projects that have appeared in the charts of the App Store and Google Play. Now the team needs a specialist who will take over the construction and support of the server architecture, will monitor the trouble shooting and solve various tasks in the dev/test/production environment. He will also be responsible for the automation of deployment and delivery processes (CD/CI).

The ideal candidate is offered a job in a team of high-level professionals, with top products in their niche, guaranteed bonuses for KPIs and assistance in relocation.


  • excellent knowledge of linux/unix administration and web services (nginx/apache);
  • experience with virtual machines/containers (preferably Docker);
  • fluency in at least one of the scripting languages (preferably bash or python);
  • knowledge of SQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL.

Additional advantages will be:

  • knowledge/experience with ClickHouse and Zookeeper;
  • experience with DB2/Teradata or other MPP RDBMS;
  • experience working with AWS or other cloud web services.

Technical vacancy of the week:

Techlid/lead programmer of C# (Unity3D), “Kraft” (Rostov-on-Don)

A Russian mobile game developer from Rostov-on-Don, the company “Kraft”, is looking for a technician / lead programmer with # (Unity3D).

The specialist will lead the development team, create games in (C#) and interfaces based on layouts, work out mechanics in close cooperation with game designers.

The guys promise to work on an interesting project, a full social package, a salary of about 200,000 rubles and assistance in relocation. The deletion is not considered.


  • excellent knowledge of C#;
  • commercial experience in mobile game development from 3 years;
  • knowledge of data structures and data processing algorithms;
  • knowledge of the features of mobile platforms;
  • the ability to understand someone else’s code;
  • ability to work with various version control systems (Git, SVN, Mercurial);
  • knowledge of design patterns;
  • work experience as a leading programmer;
  • a big plus will be: practical knowledge of DI, IoC, DI containers (zenject, ninject), GoF.