We continue the cycle dedicated to projects in need of investment or publishers. Next up is the material about the visual novel Enelia: Dawn of Madness by Indra Studio.

Ruslana Shestiakova, Art Lead at Indra Studio, told about the project.

Ruslan Shestyakova

About the team

Indra Studio develops computer games. Our journey began in 2021, when the backbone of the team was formed, then consisting of five people. In 2022-2023, we expanded smoothly. Now our team consists of 12 people.

The studio is currently engaged in the development of a visual novel in the style of dark fantasy Enelia: Dawn of Madness.

For us, "Enelia" is not just a project, but an opportunity to bring a fresh look at the genre of visual novels. We make great efforts to create an exciting and exciting experience for our players that will be remembered for a long time and leave a mark on their memories.

Our past experience in developing a platformer called Enelia, which we presented at one of the Steam Fest held in 2021, served as a source of valuable lessons and experiences that we actively implement when creating a novel.

When creating a visual novel, we use both personal resources and investments from our immediate environment.

About the project

Enelia: Dawn of Madness is an adventure in a dark fantasy world gripped by a mysterious Madness. In search of salvation, the young druid Enelia will have to explore exciting locations, meet creepy creatures, solve mysteries and make a fateful choice between Light and Madness.

For development, we use the Ren'Py game engine, which allows us to implement most of our ideas. Initially, we chose it, among other things, because of the simplicity and speed of production. However, he has enough limitations. So in case of good financial results, we plan to transfer the game to Unity, including for easier porting of the game to the console.

We are currently actively preparing for the early access release of the project. In fact, we are now at the finish line. The release of Enelia: Dawn of Madness is scheduled for spring 2024.

We strive to provide players not only with a deeply thought—out plot and exciting gameplay, but also to give them the opportunity to become part of the creative process - we actively focus on feedback from our players.

Project Features

Our main focus is on a deeply researched lore, an exciting, dramatic and unpredictable plot, as well as the ability to influence the path of the heroine's development in order to come to different endings.

We also pay special attention to the visual component, striving to create an unforgettable experience for our players. We believe that the colorful and detailed elements of the game will make the immersion into the world we have created more exciting.

At the same time, we are actively implementing a variety of internal game mechanics that will add depth and variety to the gaming experience.

Our goal is not only to tell a fascinating story, but also to provide players with many opportunities to interact with the world, making each decision an important part of the plot development that the player builds himself.

About the business model of the project

We are actively preparing for early access, and in the near future we plan to present a demo version of the game at the upcoming Steam Fest, which will give players the opportunity to evaluate the work we have done.

The basis of our business model is the phased release of new chapters of the novel in early access, similar to Tiny Bunny and Scarlet Hollow. This will allow us to maintain the constant interest of players in the project and provide players with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the story gradually, each time finding something new in it.

Plus, this format gives us the opportunity to respond to feedback from the community, making further chapters more exciting based on player feedback.

Currently, the release is planned in three languages — English, Russian and simplified Chinese.

About the place in the market

We are full of confidence in our vision, in the team and, as a result, in the success of the project, which is a combination of a beautiful visual, a deeply researched story and interesting internal mechanics.

Currently, we are in the closed beta testing stage and the results give us reason to assert that the development vector we have chosen is correct and our visual novel can achieve commercial success.

Who are we looking for

Currently, we are actively looking for potential investors and partners who are ready to support and contribute to the development of the project. We encourage those who share our values and vision to contact us and contribute to the successful implementation of the game.

We plan to raise funds primarily for the development of further chapters and marketing.

We are confident that the support from investors and experienced publishers will be a key factor in the successful entry of Enelia: Dawn of Madness into the market.

If you are an interested investor, we are ready to discuss the possibilities of cooperation and provide additional information about the project we are developing.

Contact us if you are interested in our project!

How do I get in touch?

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