We continue the cycle of publications about games that require investments or a publisher. Next in line is material from the outsourcing studio Earworm Studio, which is trying itself as a developer of the isometric survival Vesta Survival (aka Space Stars).

The material was prepared with the support of the game search service for publishers and investors WN Game Finder.

Evgeny Ponomarev, the producer of the project, told about the project.

Evgeny Ponomarev

About the team

Earworm Studio, a game project developer, was created in 2019 by industry veterans. He is mainly engaged in custom development. There are several released projects in a casual style and many under contract. The team has been working remotely and distributed since its foundation.

The Vesta Survival project is currently in testing.

About the project

Vesta Survival is a top—down survival action game with PvE elements in a sci-fi setting.

The player flies his ship between locations, raids them, crafts items and, as a result, pumps the character.

The product is being made on Unity, the status of the game at the moment is an alpha test. It takes 11 months of development to complete the entire pool of work on the project.

About the gameplay/mechanics of the project

System map

The player makes decisions about moving between locations through the map interface, which opens through the pilot's seat on the bridge of the ship. When moving, the player can choose how to move. The chance of random events — casual fights and more - depends on this. There is no fulldrop.


Ships are based on skeletons, inside which you can build in a limited way: create machines and resources.


The locations have survival mechanics, monster battles, resource collection, and movement mechanics. Locations come in different levels and types, and PvE locations are highlighted separately. These are particularly large and dangerous dungeon locations.


The narrative is the main complement for the player's progress towards the final goal, even if it is not a priority over everything else.

About the target audience of the project

Our main audience is players between the ages of 23 and 30, middle—level managers.

The closest competitors are Westland Survival: Cowboy Game and Last Day on Earth: Survival.

About the business model of the project

The key principle of monetization is that a player can invest either time or money in the game. But one does not always replace the other.

This is a service game that receives regular updates and events, but does not change its essence under the influence of current trends.

We have worked out a good business model, which has already been reviewed by several advisers. We are ready to tell you about it and show it to those interested.

About metrics

Long-term tests showed satisfactory results. They are at the level of our competitors. It is clear from the figures that the project can earn money.

About who we are looking for

We are looking for someone who understands the complexity of implementing such projects, understands their essence. This is a product for making money, not a fan development.

We have already scheduled a P&L. We understand how much investment is needed to achieve specific goals in the product.

It is also important for us that it is not just money for the project, but expertise in sales.

How do I get in touch?


  • mail — ep@earworm.studio
  • Telegram — s1lverve