At the beginning of August, the premiere of the film Biubiubiu (硬汉枪神) took place in China, the events of which unfolded around a game in the battle royale genre. Although the audience warmly welcomed the movie, it was not without incidents. The fact is that the battle royale shown is too similar to PUBG. The Krafton company said that it is thinking about going to court.

According to the Bloomberg portal, the film Biubiubiu was released on August 6 on the Youku service — the Chinese equivalent of Netflix. It tells the story of an unsuccessful streamer who decided to create an esports team together with his friends and play a royal battle.

Many elements of the game from Biubiubiu resemble PUBG: weapons, inventory and even a number of camera angles. The movie poster also refers to the title developed by Krafton.

Biubiubiu poster
But the authors of the film did not buy the rights to use PUBG images.

Moreover, the producers said that the movie has nothing to do with the famous battle royale. In order to avoid misunderstandings, they wrote in the credits that any similarity is purely accidental.

Krafton has not yet filed a lawsuit against the creators of Biubiubiu, but noted that it is considering this possibility.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, PUBG is extremely popular in China, so it’s not surprising that the game got into the cinema. At the moment, viewers rated Biubiubiu at 7.3 out of 10 points on the Douban — local version of Rotten Tomatoes.