The focus of the seventh episode of Games and Names is the legal side of game dev. The podcast participants also discussed how developers can defend the results of their creative activities.

The podcast hosts are Stas Minasov, AppMagic's Vice president of Product, and Jesse Kroon, senior designer at Product Madness Studio. Their guests in the framework of the legal issue were Alexandra Kurdyumova, co-founder of the Futura Digital consulting agency, and Alina Davletshina, head of the company's digital division.

Together they tried to answer the following questions:

  • is it possible to patent an idea for a game;
  • what pitfalls await the team that decided to patent the game, not counting the deadlines (usually it takes from two to three years);
  • why only corporations can afford a patent;
  • why do big companies hire thousands of lawyers;
  • why is it impossible to issue a patent for game mechanics;
  • what steps should a game studio take to protect its game from copying;
  • what is "unfair competition" and what can be opposed to it;
  • who are the "patent trolls" and how do corporations confront them;
  • what should a young studio do to secure the rights to the content produced within its walls (at least in the USA and Europe).

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