The Android release of GameClub took place. This is a service that, for a monthly subscription of $4.99, opens access to a library of 100 old mobile titles (including The Heist, Gravity Hook, Toki Tori, Frozen Synapse and others).

The key feature of GameClub is in the selection of titles. If similar Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass offer new titles for the game, then the GameClub portfolio is forgotten and closed products, some of which have been “revived” specifically for the platform.

Perhaps this is why Apple allowed the service to appear in the App Store last November. Plus, there are no big budgets and capacities behind GameClub. The Apple company could consider (fairly) that the service does not compete with its gaming business.

And indeed, since the launch of the GameClub platform on iOS, it has not collected even 100 thousand installations, and its revenue, according to AppMagic, is less than $2,000 per month.

Whether the release on Google Play will help her “unwind” is an open question. In addition, we recall that the more serious players of the subscription mobile market — Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass – are in no hurry to report their successes.

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