Only the day before yesterday we wrote that Mail.Ru The Group has brought its stake in VKontakte to 100%, as it became known today that the Russian giant has put its protege at the head of the social network.


So, Boris Dobrodeev became the CEO of VKontakte, who since April 2014 has been only acting general. Recall that representatives of UPC, who owned 48.01% until this week, opposed his heading the social network “VKontakte”. 

It is assumed that Boris will develop the overall strategy of the company, as well as financial and commercial activities.

It also became known that Andrey Rogozov, who previously headed the development department, became the operating director of the social network. 

It is unknown how the appointments will affect the fate of the VKontakte mobile gaming platform. 

Source: http://www.cnews.ruVKontakte is one of the largest social networks in Russia.

Launched in October 2006 as a network for students. Today it has more than 250 million registered users.