On the Defold engine, you can now make games for Switch. The Defold Foundation announced the integration with the Nintendo console.

The standard version of Defold is not enough to develop Switch titles. Developers need to register on the Defold Foundation website and pay for the Nintendo Switch SDK.

The source code of the engine itself is open, but the tools for integration with Switch are controlled by Nintendo. The latter will not make the SDK open, and the Defold Foundation itself is forced to support the technology with donations from developers.

Access to the SDK costs at least $25 (for large amounts, the organization promises a number of bonuses). For the minimum donation, the developer will receive:

  • Defold tools with binding to Switch;
  • technical support;
  • console documentation;
  • API that extends the functions of the engine.

Note that the Japanese corporation moderates all applications for the creation of Defold games for Switch.

Defold’s cross-platform technology was previously owned by King, known for Candy Crush Saga. Recently, the rights to the engine were transferred to the Defold Foundation. Along with this, the engine’s license type has changed. Now it’s an open source solution.

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