META Publishing has agreed with Steam to hold the second Pancake Week 2022 Carnival Festival. The company has already opened the acceptance of applications for participants. An important condition is that the developer studio or publisher of the game must be from the CIS countries.The second Carnival Festival will be held from February 28 to March 6, 2022.

By January 17, developers need to submit an application by filling out a special questionnaire.

The games of the participants must either have already been released on Steam, or be presented in the store marked Coming soon. In the second case, you need to additionally provide a link to the trailer.

Also, developers will need to make a special discount on their project for the duration of the Pancake Week 2022 festival. META Publishing clarifies that this will not affect the general schedule of discount applications for the selected title in any way.

Pancake Week is a Steam sale organized by META Publishing. The first Carnival Festival, which took place in March, was attended by over 250 games and add-ons from developers from the CIS and Eastern Europe. Users of the site could purchase already released projects at a discount and try demos of titles under development.

According to META Publishing, during the first festival, the total number of visits to the page with the sale approached the mark of 4 million. The publisher also noted that many participating developers eventually increased sales and the number of vishlist.