Following the results of the transaction between the Internet giant Group and the UCP investment fund, it turned out that the largest Russian social network cost its current owner less than Microsoft’s Mojang.


In total, since the purchase of the first shares in 2007 to the present moment, The Group paid $2.07 billion for Pavel Durov’s creation. However, for the last 48.01%, which the company, in fact, bought today from the daughters of UPC (Blesmir Development Limited and Palagon Limited), had to pay a solid $ 1.47 billion. Therefore, we can conclude that the actual cost of the social network today is about $ 3 billion.

Dmitry Grishin, Founder and CEO Mail.Ru Group, stated that his company does not plan to make significant changes to the team or product. 

Also, during the transaction, all lawsuits between UCP and Pavel Durov, regarding the rights to the Telegram messenger, were terminated. In this regard, the latter also commented on the purchase as follows: “… congratulations to all participants on the world conclusion of disputes.”

According to Group, MAU “VKontakte” in July of this year alone amounted to 92 million. 

A source: http://corp.mail.ruMail.Ru Group is one of the largest Internet companies in Runet, owns the Odnoklassniki social network, My World, ICQ messenger and Agent, also engaged in the development and publication of games.

Has a license for “Allods Online”. In the mobile market, one of her most successful projects is Jungle Heat.VKontakte is one of the largest social networks in Russia.

Launched in October 2006 as a network for students. Today it has more than 250 million registered users.