The Japanese messenger continues to expand into world markets. Indonesia is already in the pocket, where Line already has more than 30 million registered users.


So now Indonesia is the second largest market for the NHN messenger. The first, of course, is Japan.

But we want to focus a little bit on something else. 30 million users of a mobile application is a huge figure, which indicates, at least, the relevance of the market, which is even less understandable for a Western audience than, for example, Chinese or the same Japanese. But his “mystery” doesn’t beg for his potential at all. Therefore, the announcement of Line is a great reason to take a closer look at Southeast Asia. By the way, Line has 27 million registered users in Thailand.

Source: LINE is an application for smartphones and PCs, a means of instant messaging (text, audio and video calls, file transfer).

Developed by NHN Japan, NHN Corp, now operated by the Japanese company Line Corporation. The application is most popular in Asian countries. In its segment, it is one of the most financially successful, as it offers users to buy products in Line Games, which can be played together with the interlocutor.