iOS 8 was released today, within which developers have a new opportunity to sell their apps and games in packs (or bundles, or, according to the Russian version of the App Store, packages). 


The App Store even has a selection of the first packs, which is divided into three categories: application packages, game packages and application packages of the day. The main feature of packs is a discount. A user can buy a whole series of games for a lower price than if he bought each one individually. 

For example, the collection Cut the Rope includes three games: Cut the Rope: Experiments, Cut the Rope: Time Travel and Cut the Rope 2. If you buy each game separately, they will cost the player 234 rubles, and the price of the pack is 129 rubles. 


However, given that the price is set by the publisher, the discount may be much less.  

By the way, it is not entirely clear whether it will be possible (and whether it makes sense) to distribute packages of free applications, but now we have been able to find only paid packages. 

In the collection of the first packs, you can find, in addition to the mentioned collection from ZeptoLab, the following collections: 

  • The EPOCH Bundle by Uppercut Games
  • Modern Combat Pack from Gameloft
  • Bridge Constructor Bundle from Headup Games
  • Ubisoft Classic Hits from Ubisoft
  • Mikey Trilogy by BeaverTap Games
  • Final Fantasy 6+1-in-One by Square Enix
  • Joe Danger Action Pack from Hello Games
  • League of Evil Trilogy by Ravenous Games Inc.
  • Infinity Blade Trilogy by Chair Entertainment

Phew… and not only. 

In order to assemble your own package, you don’t need a lot of effort. It is enough to come up with a name for it in iTunes Connect, select the applications that it will include, write a description and put up a price tag. 

But it is important to remember that:

  • the bundle should be cheaper than the applications included in it;
  • one publisher can’t have more than 10 packages at one time;
  • one application cannot be more than three packages at a time;
  • if the application included in the package is withdrawn from sale, the bundle goes off sale.

A detailed list of instructions for packages can be found here.