The relationship between Apple and Facebook is not going well. The Apple company does not want a Facebook app with its own library of games to appear in the App Store.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook sent its new app, Facebook Gaming, to the editors of the App Store in May, according to The New York Times, citing three insiders.

A few weeks later, Apple refused to publish it.

This did not come as a big surprise to Facebook employees. Since February, Apple has refused to approve the app for the store at least five times. Each time she referred to the fact that, according to the rules, it is impossible to publish applications in the App Store, the main purpose of which is the distribution of casual games.

Facebook Gaming was officially announced in April. For a social network, this application was supposed to be a tool for additional user retention.

In the application, the user can view other people’s game streams, interact with other players, and also play simple HTML5 projects in the spirit of Words With Friends and Thug Life.

The latter caused Apple the most questions. This is against the background of the fact that Google has approved exactly the same version of Facebook Gaming. Thanks to this, the app appeared on Google Play already on April 20.

Facebook developers started experimenting with the design of Facebook Gaming after Apple’s rejections. The company tried to get Apple to accept their app for publication.

First, the colorful icons of games were removed from the application (replaced with a list of them) and the division of projects into categories. Then we changed the interface so that the games in it began to look exactly the same as they are in the official Facebook application. In the end, the developers even removed a separate bookmark with games, leaving the opportunity to launch only those projects that appear in news feeds and activities.

But that didn’t help either. Apple stands its ground. She doesn’t want Facebook to have its own game app on iOS.

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