Apple has updated the guidelines for publishing apps in the App Store. Among other things, the changes affected subscription services, donations for developers and application descriptions.

There are fifteen edits in total, we have identified four key ones.

Amendment to regulation 2.3

Apple asks developers to be as open with users as possible. Now all the information on the application page should clearly reflect its essence. Recently introduced privacy tokens can also help in this.

“Users need to know what they get when they download or buy your app. Make sure that all your metadata, including information about personal data, application description, screenshots and previews correctly reflect the experience that it provides,” Apple points out.

Amendment to regulation 2.3.7

There should be nothing superfluous in the description and screenshots of applications. In particular, unacceptable content, unverified statements and references to third-party programs. Apple can step in at any time and remove anything that it finds inappropriate.

“Choose a unique application name and find those keywords that correctly describe it,” the company reports. “Don’t try to put trademarks, popular app names, pricing information or any other inappropriate phrases in your metadata to beat the system.”

Amendments to regulation 3.1.1

Apple has also slightly expanded the capabilities of the in-game shopping system in the App Store. Firstly, with the help of IAP (and only it), it is now possible to sell all kinds of gift cards, certificates and coupons for digital goods in applications. Secondly, players can still send donations to developers. But again, this should be implemented exclusively through IAP.

Amendments to regulation 3.1.2

The Corporation reminded that subscription gaming services are allowed in the App Store. However, each game from the subscription should be available as a separate application. This innovation appeared last September, but then it was prescribed in other points of the guideline.

“Subscriptions should be designed in such a way that payments are not duplicated in them. Also, they should not disadvantage users who are not subscribers of the services,” Apple added.

Note that the new requirements will take effect in early spring. You can read the full list of edits to the guideline here.