On April 14, the South Korean publisher Nexon sued Ironmace studio, which developed the PvPvE action game Dark and Darker. A week later, the authors of the game reacted to the lawsuit, calling it groundless.

The developers claim that they did not violate the law and Nexon has no reason to ban Dark and Darker on Steam. “Nexon’s lawsuit is nothing more than an anti—competitive intimidation tactic aimed at putting a small indie studio out of business,” Ironmace said.

They stressed that the conflict with Nexon has been going on for two years, and during this time the publisher could not find convincing evidence of plagiarism. Despite the fact that earlier Nexon complained to the prosecutor’s office, and the South Korean police searched the Ironmace office.

Ironmace also sent a statement to Valve, in which it asked “not to succumb to the threats of Nexon” and return Dark and Darker to Steam.


The Gamer