The proceedings between Nexon and Ironmace studio over the Dark and Darker code and assets have reached court. On April 14, a South Korean publisher filed a lawsuit in the Washington District Court, accusing the developers of copyright infringement.

In the lawsuit, Nexon also stated that Ironmace “jeopardized” Nexon itself, the gaming industry and gamers who like high-quality games. In her opinion, now companies cannot be completely sure that they should spend years developing games if employees can simply steal the code and set up their own studio.

Nexon demanded that the authors of Dark and Darker stop developing and distributing the game. In addition, the company wants to receive compensation that will cover the costs of creating a P3 — an unreleased Nexon shooter, the sources of which were allegedly stolen by Ironmace.

Earlier, Nexon filed a complaint against the studio with the South Korean prosecutor’s office, after which an additional investigation began.


The Gamer