Steam Deck designers Lawrence Yang and Pierre-Loup Griffais told about the sales of the portable PC in a comment to The Verge. They did not give exact figures.

This is the first time Valve has officially shared at least some data on Steam Deck sales. In October 2022, David Edmundson from the KDE developer community, which helps Valve with Steam Deck software, mentioned that since February 2022, the gadget has been bought more than a million times. But he didn't speak on behalf of Valve.

According to the estimates of gaming expert Simon Carless, about 3-4 million copies of the Steam Deck can be sold today.

On November 9, Valve introduced an improved version of the Steam Deck with an OLED screen and a more powerful battery. The company also announced that Steam Deck 2 will appear no earlier than in two or three years.

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