In January 2021, the South Korean company Devsisters released a mobile Cookie Run: Kingdom battler. Sensor Tower analysts told us what indicators the game has achieved in the three years since its release.

Cookie Run: Kingdom

  • By January 31, 2024, users from all over the world had spent $500 million on Cookie Run: Kingdom.
  • The game earned the most in South Korea. The country accounted for 46.9% of user spending. Next are Taiwan (4.6%), Thailand (3.2%), Japan (2.8%) and China (2.2%).
  • By January 31, 2024, Cookie Run: Kingdom had collected 30 million downloads.
  • The main market for downloads is South Korea with a 22% share. The USA is in second place (20.9%), followed by Thailand (10.5%) and China (5%).
  • On December 28, 2023, Cookie Run: Kingdom was released in China, where it immediately became a hit. In the first 35 days, users of the Chinese App Store downloaded Cookie Run: Kingdom 1.6 million times, which is 76.9% of all downloads that the game has collected worldwide during this time. They also spent $10 million in the game, which is 53.2% of all user spending during this period.
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom ranked second in terms of downloads and user spending among Korean mobile games released in China in 2023. In the first place is MapleStory M with revenue of over $50 million and 1.8 million downloads.
  • According to analysts, the popularity of Cookie Run: Kingdom in China is due to good marketing and understanding of the Chinese market. The game was localized into Chinese and new tasks and music were added to it, reflecting the culture of the country. In addition, China's largest food company, Want Want China, has released themed cookies for the release of the game.

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