On the evening of October 26, Ubisoft published a report for the first half of fiscal 2024, which ended on September 30. She reported an increase in most key indicators.

▫️Compared to last year, Ubisoft's revenue increased by 14.3%, reaching €836 million.

▫️Net sales increased by 17.6% to €822.4 million. The main contribution to this amount was made by games from the back catalog, the proceeds of which amounted to €694.6 million. Growth by 37.4%.

▫️The company's gross profit increased by 15% to €747.7 million. Ubisoft also made an operating profit of €16.1 million, — a year ago it reported an operating loss of €215.3 million.

▫️The number of unique active players in Ubisoft titles is 94 million. The number of monthly active players is 36 million.

▫️Ubisoft has fewer employees. If at the end of September 2022 the company employed 20,729 people, then at the end of September 2023 - 19,410 people.

Ubisoft announced that it postponed the release of the "big game" for the next fiscal year (April 2024 - March 2025). She did not specify which game she transferred, but the media suggest that we are talking about Star Wars Outlaws.

Ubisoft report for the first half of fiscal 2024
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