On September 18, Unity shares fell 7.92% to $33.45 apiece. For the company, this is the biggest* daily drop in September.

Perhaps investors were unhappy with Unity’s decision to revise the new pricing policy. On the morning of the 18th, after criticizing the developers, Unity publicly promised to make changes to it, and in the evening Bloomberg shared details from the company’s general meeting.

According to the Seeking Alpha portal, earlier investment companies reacted ambiguously to the announcement of a new pricing policy made a week ago. Firms such as Jefferies, Oppenheimer and Benchmark doubted the need to change monetization and wondered if developers would massively switch to other engines. Whereas, for example, Bank of America raised the valuation of Unity shares from $46 to $56 and indicated that the possibilities of updated monetization outweigh the risks.

In total, since September 12, the value of Unity shares has decreased by 15.4%.

*Formally, on the afternoon of September 12, the shares fell by 9%, but by the evening they regained a little drop, and the total daily decline was 5.5%.


Seeking Alpha