At the Unity Software general meeting, which took place on Monday, it was announced to employees that the company would abandon the main provisions of the new monetization policy, which was announced last Wednesday.

According to the new — experimental — plan, Unity will limit the collection of revenue for games that have earned more than $ 1 million. The company will not charge more than 4% of user expenses.

The publication also mentioned that Unity now plans to take into account not the number of installations collected over the entire time, but only from January 1, 2024 (that is, the threshold value will not be retroactive).

As for the calculation of installations, the company now plans to rely on the data that the developers themselves will provide.

There are no more details. Most likely, they will appear during this week directly on the official Unity website.

Recall that the announcement of the new pricing policy caused massive outrage among game developers. More than 400 companies and indie developers have signed an ultimatum, according to which they refuse to use ironSource and Unity Ads until Unity reviews the new monetization.

By the way, several Unity employees during the meeting asked a question about how Unity is going to restore the lost trust. “Not by word, but by deed,” the directors replied.