Screenwriter Steve Ince, best known for his work on the Broken Sword series, has announced his retirement from game development.

In his address, Ins said that next February it will be 31 years since he has been working in the gaming industry. In addition, then he will be 66 years old, and this is just the retirement age in the UK.

Ins admitted that it became difficult for him to keep up with all the changes in the industry. He also fears competition from AI, which, according to Ins, will leave many screenwriters out of work in the future.

In retirement, Ins is going to write books, mainly for children.

The screenwriter started his career in the gaming industry from Revolution Software studio, where he got a job in 1993. There he worked not only on the Broken Sword series, but also on games such as Beneath a Steel Sky and In Cold Blood. In 2004, Ins left the company and became a freelancer. As a freelancer, he managed to work on Resident Evil Village, The first two The Witcher and many other games.


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