Another news about layoffs. Now the Polish publisher CI Games has announced a significant reduction in personnel.

Lords of the Fallen

CEO Marek Tymiński explained in a comment from GamesIndustry that CI Games is forced to lay off 10% of its employees in order to continue to be a strong company with a stable business.

"We want to thank all [the employees who have been laid off] for the role they have played in the company's work," Tyminski said. "We are currently continuing to optimize the pipeline and the company's business."

According to GamesIndustry, the publisher has cut most of the marketing team. Layoffs also took place at Hexworks Studio, which developed Lords of the Fallen, and Underdog Studio, which is responsible for Sniper Ghost Warrior.

CI Games previously reported that Lords of the Fallen has become the most expensive game in its history. In total, 281 million zlotys ($66.6 million) were spent on the creation and promotion of the project. It is unknown whether Lords of the Fallen has recaptured the costs.

The circulation of Lords of the Fallen was last officially revealed in October 2023. It was said at the time that a million copies of the game had been sold in the first week. According to analysts at the Edison Group, sales soon slowed down, reaching 1.2 million copies by the end of November.

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