Sony failed to annul a class action lawsuit filed by British gamers in August 2022. The UK Competition Court of Appeal ruled that the company must justify its position at the hearing.

Recall that the initiator of the lawsuit was human rights activist Alex Neill (Alex Neill). She said that Sony had abused its position in the market by obliging developers to pay a commission of 30% for publishing projects in the PlayStation Store and thus inflating the prices of games. According to Neil, over the period from 2016 to 2022, Sony "robbed" 9 million British gamers for £5 billion (by October 2023, this amount had grown to £6.3 billion).

Sony tried to get the lawsuit overturned, claiming that the case was full of errors and inconsistencies

The Court of Appeal in its decision indicated that although the consideration of the claim should be continued, people who made purchases in the PlayStation Store after August 2022 should be excluded from the list of plaintiffs.

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