The CFO of CI Games, David Broderick, at a press conference revealed the budget of the soulslike Lords of the Fallen. In total, 281 million zlotys ($66.6 million) were spent on the game.

▫️Development costs of Lords of the Fallen (excluding royalties for the use of the engine) - 178 million zloty ($ 42.2 million).

▫️Marketing costs — 81.5 million zlotys ($19.3 million).

▫️The cost of producing discs with the game is 21.5 million zlotys ($ 5.1 million).

Broderick noted that the marketing costs include not only the money spent on the advertising campaign for the release of Lords of the Fallen. They also include "investments" in the future development of the entire franchise and brand awareness.

At the beginning of the week, CI Games announced that Lords of the Fallen had sold more than 1 million copies in ten days since its release.

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