Users of RuStore have started spending significantly more on games, reported Oleg Afanasyev, the Product Director of RuStore, during the "Russian Internet Forum 2024".

"Great Sultan"

Afanasyev mentioned that in the first quarter of 2024, the average spend on games in the store was 650 rubles. In early last year, the spend was 3.2 times less.

He added that RuStore users downloaded twice as many paid games as last year. The exact numbers were not specified by Afanasyev.

The highest-grossing game genres in RuStore for the quarter were action, strategy, adventure, and match-3. The top bestseller was Tanks Blitz from Lesta Games. Additionally, six titles from Chinese companies made it into the top ten highest-grossing games in RuStore, including War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn, Forge Shop, "Era of Goddesses: Fallen Angels," and "Great Sultan".