The Blackbird Interactive studio once again said goodbye to some of the employees. The layoffs became known shortly after she postponed the release of the Homeworld 3 space strategy from March 8 to May 13, 2024.

Homeworld 3

In a media comment, a studio representative said that the layoffs took place as part of the restructuring.

"We had to make this unfortunate decision and part ways with some friends due to economic issues beyond our control," a Blackbird Interactive spokesperson said. "This is part of the restructuring program, which was necessary due to the fact that our partners postponed new projects. We considered many options to avoid this, but unfortunately they were not effective enough."

A representative for Blackbird Interactive did not say how many people were fired. On LinkedIn, Jacob Van Rooyen, the former lead producer of the unannounced game, and Alexander Weatherston, the game director, who also worked on a certain new game, wrote about their dismissal.

The last time Blackbird Interactive cut staff was in August 2023. Then she fired 41 people, canceling several games at the same time.

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